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50 Years Keeping The Blues Alive !


Raised in Chicago in the 1960s, Dik Banovich was influenced early on by blues, swing and other styles of American guitar music.
He draws inspiration from the best of traditional and contemporary fingerstyle guitar styles and is a powerful picker.

For 50 years, Dik Banovich has been playing his blend of “acoustic roots & blues” at concerts and festivals in Scotland, England,
in Europe, Norway, Denmark and recently Finland, the United States and even West Africa.
A style built around traditional acoustic blues drawn from the deepest roots of the Delta but also swing, ragtime,
Americana and folk blues.

Dik Banovich is an exceptional acoustic guitarist with a solid and sensitive picking style, he is also a great singer and his
voice fits perfectly into this traditional field of blues...in fact, we hear his life with his guitar in the tradition of blues, but with the influences
of today's music.

Singer and fingerpicking guitar virtuoso, Dik has performed on some of the most beautiful stages in Europe, opening for
Peter Green, Paul Jones Blues Band, James Brown, Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes and more recently Ana Popović at the 2023 edition of
The Jerry Rick's Blues Festival in Croatia, and shared the stage with Mississippi Bluesman Vasti Jackson during the 2023 edition of
Corbera Blues Festival in Spain.

Dik has played literally hundreds of blues festivals and clubs.

This Bluesman has played clubs, folk clubs, art centers, bars and concerts in every venue imaginable (and unimaginable!)
on the road, here, there and everywhere. In Dik's 50 years of playing, he has made numerous television and radio appearances and recorded more than
11 albums since his first Indy Blues album, Dik Banovich - Folk Jazz Blues in 1983..


Interview by Michael Limnios for Blues.GR

Q&A with exceptional acoustic guitarist Dik Banovich - Folk Blues drawn from the deepest Roots of the Delta - mai 2021

Blues Gr

"What touched you from fingerpickin' style? Why do you think that the acoustic Blues continues to generate such a devoted following? ?"

"Listening to Big Bill Broonzy and Brownie McGhee turned me on to fingerpicking, then there were the great English guitarists like ,Wizz Jones,
John Renbourne, Davy Graham, Ralph MctellI began to realise that there was so much available in fingerpicking guitar styles, from blues, to classical,
flamenco, even the medieval lute playing of John Williams and the like.

I felt I could learn something from all of these guitar styles, for instance the flamenco
repertoire and use the technique in blues. I think acoustic blues will always appeal to people because it touches something inside them that they can relate to....
and this happens internationally regardless of language and culture

The blues is everywhere, which is why I also think that it's important for people to
appreciate and support music from their own culture as well. There’s Blues in every culture."

Read the Full Interview Here


"Acoustic blues was, and still is, the heart and soul of the blues, and you showed it with every note you played.
That was our first Acoustic Roots Showcase and we needed a good example, so choosing you was right choice."

Boris Hrepi - Artistic Director - Thrill Blues Festival, Croatia, 2022


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